What sets Permagard apart from other products on the market?

With so many products out there competing for your attention, it can be hard to know which one will deliver the results you want to your customers. There are a lot of claims of being the best on the market, without much information to back it up. At Permagard, we like to be totally transparent about what gives us the edge over our competitors, so you can make the smart choice for you and your customers.

Innovation and Quality Assurance

We are deeply committed to consistently improving our products, and this can’t be done without constant research. Since 1997 we have continued our ongoing commitment to polymer science, constantly testing and innovating the technology we use to ensure it is of the highest standard. A Permagard protection treatment runs a lot deeper than just an impressive shine. Each product is scientifically backed and works on a molecular level, which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our high performance, environmentally safe Reactive Polymer Technology has now been trusted to protect over $100 billion worth of aircraft, cars and yachts across the globe. Luxury brands such as Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific, and the largest privately-owned dealer groups, such as The Suttons Group, already use Permagard exclusively for their factory backed and statewide vehicle protection programs – you can’t argue with science! 

We care about helping you to deliver the best results, and saving your customers time and money. Offering a lifetime guarantee across our exterior and interior protection products demonstrates our confidence in the longevity and effectiveness of our treatments. We’ve got one shot to impress you, and we already know we will. 

We offer a lot more than just great products

It’s not just our products that give us confidence, it’s everything we offer alongside them as well. We pay close attention to who we partner with, and look for dealerships that share the same customer-centric values we have. Warranty claims are completed quickly, and we make a point to never penalise the customer if they feel dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided. 

Permagard has a flat management structure, meaning someone can contact us at any time to discuss any queries or issues they have. The fact our client retention is 99.9% speaks volumes when it comes to how we conduct the business side of Permagard. 

Our training program keeps our team at the top of their game

Quality should never be compromised, and to ensure this every single one of our team goes through a rigorous training programme in order for them to deliver the high standards you and your customers deserve. 

Our technicians are chosen based on their high skill level, and are then trained to become experts with every one of our products. We offer products made with the highest quality ingredients and technologies within the manufacturing process, ultimately delivering the best products to market. Our team is made up of dedicated scientists, chemical engineers and trained applicators all working to provide quality results that will keep your customers coming back to you. 

The Permagard Quality Improvement Plan is our ongoing journey to be better than we were yesterday. Our commitment to this has led to the plan being certified to the ISO14001 (Environment), OHSAS18001 (Health and Safety) and ISO9001 (Quality). 

If, like us, you want to deliver the best service, unbeatable products and unwavering customer satisfaction, we can add value to your business and provide your customer’s vehicles with a shine for life. That’s the Permagard promise.