Refer a friend

Do you know someone who has purchased a vehicle and might benefit from and or is interested in Window Tinting, Paint & or Interior protection for a vehicle, motorbike or a caravan? 


Contact Adam Camilleri, our Sales Manager on 0499 701 743 or at to refer a friend and not only will your friend receive a preferential VIP experience but YOU will be rewarded with a gift from us, if your friend purchases any of our products and services. 


We would be delighted to reward you and offer your friend any one of our products within: 


The PERMAGARD Reactive Polymer Protection Range

    • Permagard Reactive Polymer Paint Protection
    • Permagard Fabric/Leather treatment
    • Permagard Plastic/Vinyl treatment
    • Permagard Refresh Program (Rejuvenation program for used vehicles)
    • Antimicrobial Treatment


The CERFACE Ceramic Protection Range

    • CERFACE Ceramic Surface Paint Protection
    • CERFACE & Beyond (All-in-One) Interior treatment
    • CERFACE Glow Program (Rejuvenation program for used vehicles)
    • Antimicrobial Treatment


The OptiVAN Ceramic Protection Range (for Caravans, Campers, RV's and Motorhomes)

    • OptiVAN Exterior (Ceramic) Paint Protection
    • OptiVAN Interior (All-in-One) treatment
    • Antimicrobial Treatment Pack (4)


Window Films / Tinting
    • Stratosphere
    • Aurora
    • CERFACE Reflection
    • CERFACE Ultra

Our Window Films are available in metalised, non-metalised and Ceramic formats as well as Clear, UV, Light, Mid, Dark and Darkest Legal colours.