5 Handy Car Care Hacks

In a perfect world, our cars would never break down, they would never get dirty and they would stay exactly how they looked when they first left the factory, BUT, let’s get real here. Stuff happens. Especially when you live a very busy lifestyle, on the go, with a family or with many passengers getting in and out of your car bringing the outside, inside!

The best way to make car maintenance (and your life) that little bit easier is by forward thinking, prevention and maintenance. Not all of us have the time or money to get our cars valeted or serviced every single week so, here’s 5 simple car care hacks that will help you to prevent damage and keep on top of dirt and mess in an easy and cost effective way.

1. Crumbs in your nooks and crannies?

The inside of a car is full of hard to reach places, where things like sand and crumbs can collect. There are also knobs, buttons and dials that also get sticky and grubby very quickly. To keep on top of every day traffic and prevent the build-up of dirt, keep a soft bristle toothbrush in your glove box as a handy tool to give the small cracks, gaps and compartments of your car a once over every now and again. It’s a great accessory to use when vacuuming, particularly for sand.

2. Sticky fingers and snotty noses?

Keep a box of tissues or napkins and some trusty hand sanitiser close by. True life savers if you have children or enjoy going on road trips and eating inside your car. We absolutely love Permagard's alcohol free sanitiser, which is safe to use on anything from hands and face to surfaces and accessories. Ultimate travel companion!

3. A load of old rubbish?

If your car is prone to becoming a bit of a refuse site, with plastic bottles and wrappers everywhere, keep smells, spillages, dirt and grime to a minimum by creating a waste bin which you can place in one of the foot wells. Grab a large plastic cereal container with a flip lid and line the inside with a plastic bag.

4. Necessities and accessories?

For those who spend a great deal of time in their car, it can often become like a second bedroom, packed full of things like spare gym gear, toiletries, shopping bags and for families, there may always be a need for toys, baby change gear and so on… Keep everything tidy and in one place by popping a compartmented storage box in the boot of the car.

5. Pesky pet hair?

Our gorgeous, adorable fur babies are a joy, but their fur can be something we are trying to remove forever! Avoid dirt, fur and odours by investing in a pet seat hammock to help keep your pets out of direct contact with your beloved car seats. There are lots of different styles and qualities online and many have buckles so you can keep it in one place and ensure your interior remains protected. Maybe even an investment for those with kids!?

If keeping your car clean and in mint condition is a big priority to you, simple life hacks such as these are a great way to help stay on top of daily dust, fluff and other stuff. Give some of these a go and prepare to be amazed!