Car Shampoo (Permagard Concentrate) for Permagard Treated Vehicles

Car Shampoo (Permagard Concentrate) for Permagard Treated Vehicles

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Permagard Shampoo for treated surfaces is a pH neutral vehicle designed soap and has been specifically designed as a non-aggressive method of maintaining your Permagard protective coating, whilst removing dirt and stuck on grime from a treated surface. A rich and gentle gloss enhancing wash, to give your car a brilliant glow.

A rich, gloss enhancing wash, for those who want the best for their car.

Easy To Use
Safe for frequent, yet effective washing on all paint finishes & helps give paint a lustrous, brilliant glow.

Chemical Free/Non Toxic
Does not leave streaks, ideal for those who can only wash in the sun pH neutral, will not strip your protective wax or paint protection coating.

Silicone Free
Suitable for satin and matte finished surfaces, including vinyl wraps.

Phosphate Free
Biodegradable, gentle on your hands and the environment.

High sud formula to help suspend dirt and drive contaminants away from the paint surface.