Cleaning/Detailing: Hydrophobic Detailing Spray

Cleaning/Detailing: Hydrophobic Detailing Spray

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The Protection Brands Ceramic Detailing Spray has been designed with the fastidious car owner in mind, utilising Silicon Dioxide (Si02) Nano Ceramic Quartz Technology to ensure a highly durable sealant in a single spray application.

The advanced polymers create a high-performance coating with superior water repellence, UV protection, ultra-high gloss ‘wet look’ silky finish that is truly unmatched.

 The protection Brands Detailing Spray is PERFECT for that fussy car person that wants that Show & Shine glossy 'wet-look' to the paint and plastics of their vehicle.

Whether you're wanting some more depth to your exterior plastics or just like watching the water beads roll off your vehicle, the Protection Brands Detailing Spray can be used for all surfaces of the exterior of your vehicle as a stand-alone product or as a top up for your existing CERFACE Ceramic or OptiVAN Coating. 

Product is also compatible with Permagard coatings. 

  • Simple application (spray & wipe)
  • Insane gloss & long lasting shine
  • Super-hydrophobic
  • Economical usage & long-lasting protection
  • Protection from environmental factors
  • UV protection
  • Easy & less time doing maintenance
  • Body shop safe - doesn't contain silicone
  • Spreads evenly, with no greasy residue

Ready to use, no dilution required and simple application. After washing and drying your car, spray directly onto your car’s exterior surface and buff with a high quality microfibre cloth. Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto a hot vehicle surface.